Entradas de diciembre de 2017

Dic 26

Graphite electrode shortage could start to bite for steel mills: sources

A shortage of graphite electrodes for usage in electric arc and ladle furnaces will continue to affect steel mills, sources told S&P Global Platts. In recent years electrode makers have reduced capacity, with some shuttered for good as their mill customers bought competitively priced semi-finished products and re-rolled rather than melting scrap. One supplier, who …

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Dic 11

Thermomechanical Modelling of a Steel Ladle Using Periodical Homogenisation for the Refractory Masonries

In the steelmaking industry and in many others that involve the processing of molten metal, the metallurgical vessels can be lined with refractory bricks, with or without mortar…

Dic 05

Curso Ingeniería de Refractarios Anfre

Del 20 al 24 de noviembre tuvo lugar en Bilbao la primera edición del Curso de Ingeniería de Refractarios Anfre, es el primer curso impartido íntegramente por asociados de ANFRE. Esta primera edición del curso ha contado con alumnos pertenecientes a empresas asociadas a Anfre, ya que desde Anfre queríamos que fueran ellos los primeros …

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