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mayo 2016 - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes e Instaladores de Productos Refractarios, Materiales y Servicios Afines

Entradas de mayo de 2016

May 30

The 54% Rally in Steel Prices That Points to China’s Rapid Shift

Steel reinforcement bars are about as unglamorous an industrial product as one can get. Their rally in China this week is anything but, with a surge to the highest since 2014 that’s helping to boost iron ore. Rebar futures jumped for the fourth straight day on the Shanghai Futures Exchange, advancing 6.1 percent to 2,750 …

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May 26

NO to tiering of the EU ETS Carbon Leakage List

The tiered approach to free allowance allocation for the EU ETS carbon leakage list is a concept which undermines the aim of the EU ETS and contradicts the October 2014 European Council Conclusions. It would not ensure the delivery of cost-effective greenhouse gas emission reductions, but on the contrary would have a deleterious impact on …

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May 26

How to make EU ETS work for small emitters? – EPCF Breakfast, 24 May 2016

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May 24

Technical ceramics: Perfecting the process

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May 18


HORARIO PONENCIAS 29 Junio 2016 8.30 h. Entrega de acreditaciones 9.00 – 9.15 – Apertura del Congreso. Bienvenida del Presidente de ANFRE 9.15 – 10.00 – Ponencia de Unesid. “ La Siderurgía en España. Influencia de China en materias primas”. Alfonso Hidalgo 10.00 – 10.30 – Ponencia de IMCD. “ Percepciones y características de materias …

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