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julio 2019 - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes e Instaladores de Productos Refractarios, Materiales y Servicios Afines

Entradas de julio de 2019

Jul 29

Bauxite, fused alumina market in supply limbo in Q4

The market for calcined bauxite and fused alumina remained in a state of limbo at the beginning of the fourth quarter due to a conttinued lack of clarity over the extent of supply issues in China. Market participants are facing hard questins about continuity of supply from China amid a slowdown in demand from consumers …

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Jul 22

Andalusite prices rise in 2019 contracts, stabilization within reach

The andalusite market remains buoyant on refractories demand and ongoing issues with alternative raw materials such as Chinese bauxite, but participants are hopeful the ripple effects of the 2017 shortage may finally be coming to an end. The andalusite prices have risen once again for contracts signed for 2019 supply, but market participants see tightness …

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Jul 15

Market Review on China Refractory Raw Materials for March

Apr. 02, 2019 – In March, on the one hand, shortage of supply continues for several refractory raw materials; on the other hand, price decline keeps going forward for some types of minerals. Calcined bauxite met no significant improvements both in price and in supply, but biding proceedings started for bauxite ore mine in Xiaoyi. …

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Jul 08

2 Bauxite reserves found in China

82 million tons of bauxite reserves were proved in China  2019-03-27 Mar. 27, 2019 – On February, 14th, the Department of Natural Resources of Shanxi Province announced that they have confirmed 82 million tons of bauxite reserve after hard work over the past years. Actually, the local government has checked 60 previous projects and distributed …

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Jul 03

Alcoa forecasts 2019 alumina surplus on China production rises

The removal of US sanctions on producer Rusal has added strength to Alcoa’s forecast of a surplus in alumina in 2019. United States-based Alcoa, the world’s eighth-largest aluminium producer, has forecast that there will be a surplus of alumina in 2019 while it increases aluminium metal shipments. There was a 600,000-tonne deficit of alumina at …

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