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enero 2018 - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Productos Refractarios, Materiales y Servicios Afines

Entradas de enero de 2018

Ene 29

Henan enforces mass brown fused alumina shutdown from November

The Henan government has ramped up efforts to combat pollution by implementing yet more shutdowns of brown fused alumina production later this year. This is set to cause more global supply disruptions since output was already intermittent in recent months. The government of Henan province in China will enforce large-scale brown fused alumina production stoppages from November 2017 …

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Ene 22

Liaoning looks to lift standards in magnesia processing

Government incentives and academic cooperation have spawned a number of promising new environmentally sensitive projects in the capital of China’s magnesia industry, Albert Li, IM Correspondent, finds. Xinwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., a subsidiary of Chinese industrial conglomerate Fenghua Industrial Group based in Dashiqiao, Liaoning province, may have made a significant breakthrough in deadburned magnesia …

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Ene 15

China’s small factories fear ‘rail Armageddon’ with orders to ditch trucks

Thousands of small factories in China, making everything from steel to chemicals, are scrambling for access to the country’s clogged rail network as Beijing curbs the use of diesel trucks in an effort to tackle air pollution. FILE PHOTO: A tricycle travels past a crossroad on a hazy day in Hefei, Anhui province The Ministry …

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Ene 08

Zircon 101: where will new demand come from?

Zircon is important – and some would argue irreplaceable – in markets such as ceramics, which accounts for around 50% of demand. But, as Cameron Perks, IM Correspondent, discovers, there are new sources of interest within that same industry – and demand projections vary wildly. Zircon (zirconium silicate – ZrSiO4) is an important source of …

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Ene 02

Raw Material Innovations – a Key Success Factor in a Fast Changing Refractories World

The recent global economic difficulties have resulted in overcapacities in many industries and the refractory industry isn’t an exception. In an uncertain environment driven by the slowing Chinese economy and the low crude oil price many industries have slowed down their investments.

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