Entradas de abril de 2017

Abr 24

Chromite prices close 2016 on five-year high

Suppliers of chromite have been busy as both foundry and chemical grade material posted price upticks right up to Christmas, while buyers hope the market will slow down in 2017. The chromite market closed 2016 at fresh highs, as spot prices for both chemical grade and foundry grade material edged up further during the final …

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Abr 17

Mass shutdown in China lifts fused alumina prices

Fused alumina production has experienced mass shut downs in China due to a draconian environmental clampdown on polluting plants since early December, which has pushed spot prices higher. Many fused alumina and bauxite producers in Shanxi and Henan provinces in China have been forced to shut down by local government since 8 December amid worsening …

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Abr 10

Fused alumina, bauxite spot prices rise

Chinese-origin fused alumina and bauxite spot prices gained as raw material and transportation costs rise. While many buyers are reluctant to accept the increase, some producers warned that the uptrend could continue amid supply tightness. Chinese suppliers have raised offers for refractory-grade bauxite and fused alumina in the spot market as raw material and transportation …

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