Oct 25

Incineration Review 2016. Industrial and Hazardous Wastes

Refractories World Forum regularly reviews refractories development, production and use under ther banner of «Hot Topics» within which the large scale incineration of industrial wastes certainly has to feature.


It is not only an application which involves the use of generally higher temperatures than those found in MSW (municipal solid waste) incineration but is also often hotly debated by environmental groups, local governments and OEM´s (original equipment manufacturers).

The reason are that current industrial wastes are very diverse and often extremely hazardous to handle and dispose of with complete safety.

In the past a great deal of industrial waste was simply abandoned and created immense health hazard and even ecological desasters. Some form of treatment is therefore not just desirable but absolutely essential to dispose of waste without creating new and potentially worse problems to humans, animals and plant life.


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