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Mineral Recycling Forum 2024 Dubrovnik, 22-24 April

Mineral Recycling Forum 2024

Dubrovnik, 22-24 April

More than ever, the fast evolving industrial mineral recycling sector has an essential and increasing role to play as mineral consuming markets, and governments, undergo a major rethink on strategic mineral sourcing and evaluate recycled alternatives for a sustainable future in mineral use in the Circular Economy.

As the minerals industry strives towards sustainable development in the 2020s, the recycling of waste products – whether from mine tailings or industrial waste – to generate “Secondary Raw Materials” (SRM) is emerging fast as an important additional source of industrial minerals for a range of consuming markets.

Tomorrow’s “mining” will in large part be efficient and economic utilisation of today’s industrial waste.

  • But how to go about getting involved in this sector?

  • Whether to invest in an in-house business/plant?

  • Partner with an independent recycler?

  • Who’s doing what already & how?

  • And crucially, what impact will it have on customers and markets?

Confirmed Speakers*

The role, importance & outlook for industrial mineral recycling in the future of Europe’s mining industry
Dr Florian Anderhuber, Director of Energy and Climate, Euromines, Belgium
Financing waste to industrial mineral value assets
Nicholaus Rohleder, Co-Founder, Climate Commodities, USA
“Ahead of Time”: Closing the material loop from demolition to circular products
Werner Odreitz, CEO, REF Minerals, Germany
Beyond green boundaries: MIRECO & RHI Magnesita – Pioneers of refractory recycling
Alexander Leitner, Recycling Technology & Innovation Specialist, RHI Magnesita, Austria & Lucas Zimmermann, Head of Project Management, MIRECO, Germany
Recycling refractories in the Americas
Nelson White, CEO, Glenn Hunter & Associates, USA
Overcoming challenges of recycling in North America: the transformation of a maturing recycling market
Celio Cavalcante, Head of M&S, R&D and Sustainability NAM, RHI Magnesita, USA
Reclaiming the future: Unlocking the technical, economic, & operational potential to integrate recycled mineral streams into North American refractory production
Rebecca Mohr, Strategic Marketing Manager-Recycled Materials & Samantha Garnier, Research Engineer, HarbisonWalker International, USA
Green refractory developments in India
Ishan Agarwal, Head Operations & Business Development, Jai Balajee Trading Co., India
Challenges and opportunities in recycling spent refractories
Dr. Arup Kumar Samanta, VP (Monolithics Technology), TRL Krosaki Ltd, India
Recent activities of spent refractory recycling in SHINAGAWA Refractories
Masakazu Iida, General Manager of Research Centre, SHINAGAWA Refractories Co. Ltd, Japan
Innovative process developments in India for producing secondary industrial minerals from spent refractories & grinding wheels
Dr. T. Seetaramaiah, Managing Director, Sreehari Special Refractories Pvt Ltd, India
Production of alternative alumina from recycling Al slag
Héctor Trigueros, Project Engineer, Befesa Aluminio SL, Spain
Smart sorting for a sustainable future: REDWAVE ROX’s sorting technology in C&D waste management
Manfred Berghofer, Head of Global Sales Mineral Sorting, Redwave, Austria
Sustainable recycling with ceramics
Dr. Sonja Larissegger, Sales Manager Non-Catalytic Honeycombs & Dr Roland Nilica, Head of Research & Development, Ceram Austria GmbH, Austria

*subject to change | FULL PROGRAMME DETAILS

Mineral Recycling Forum 2024 will be of interest to all those active in secondary raw materials

  • Sourcing
  • Processing
  • Quality Control 
  • Distribution/Logistics
  • Market Application
  • Legislation/Policy

and especially established industrial mineral suppliers and buyers keen to assess the outlook for competitive and alternative materials.

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