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Chinese magnesia exports up in 2018, prices firm on mining restrictions

China’s exports of all grades of magnesia were up in 2018 on an annual basis, and export prices kept firm on mining restrictions and strict environmental inspections.

China exported 747,073 tonnes of caustic calcined magnesia (CCM) in 2018, according to official Chinese data – up by 14.31% from 653,528 tonnes in 2017 in response to growing overseas demand.

Export values totaled $132.75 million, an increase of 36.64% year on year from $$97.15 million in 2017, while the average CCM export price rose by 19.46% to $178 per tonne. Prices were supported by mining restrictions and the strict environmental inspections in China which caused a reduction in mined raw materials.

The five largest importers of Chinese CCM in 2018 were Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Indonesia.

CCM prices have remained firm throughout 2018 and in early 2019 on tight supply as China’s
government continues to restrict the use of explosives in mining. Fastmarkets assessed the magnesia, calcined, 90-92% MgO, fob China price at $180-220 per tonne on Tuesday  anuary 29, a level it has held since March 2018.

Fused magnesia exports

China exported 523,921 tonnes of fused magnesia (FM) in 2018, up 22.33% from 428,277 tonnes in 2017. Export revenue was $453.81 billion in 2018, up 87.10% from $242.55 million in 2017, customs data showed.

The five principal destinations for exports were the US, the Netherlands, Japan, Turkey and South Korea.

Fastmarkets IM’s price of fused magnesia, basis 97% MgO, Ca:Si 2:1, lump, fob China, was $1,200- 1,300 per tonne on Tuesday. This is up from $745-800 per tonne in July 2017 but down from $1,600- 1,800 per tonne at the start of 2018.

dead burned magnesia exports

Chinese dead burned magnesia (DBM) exports totaled 989,226 tonnes in 2018, up 11.88% from 884,203 tonnes in 2017.

Export revenue was $368.74 billion in 2018, up 85.07% year on year from $199.24 million, according to customs data.

The US, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea and India were the five main export  destinations.

The latest spot price for DBM basis 97.5% MgO, lump, fob China was $1,050-1,250 per tonne on Tuesday compared with $365-395 per tonne in July 2017 and $630-740 per tonne at the start of 2018.

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