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ago 21

Magnesia market outlook: Krakow crackerjack


MagForum 2017 analyses latest issues and spotlights potential newcomers and markets Key takeaways – China: supply impact issues to beset 2017-18; controversial trade reforms proposed – New supply sources and capacities: Saudi Arabia (DBM+CCM), Australia, Canada – Refractories: steady growth in steel demand; good cement outlook for certain regions – Market opportunities in hydrometallurgy, flame …

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ago 16

EU Sets Steel Import Duties to Counter Chinese Subsidies

BRUSSELS — The European Union has set duties of up to 35.9 percent on imports of hot-rolled flat steel from China to counter what it says are unfair subsidies in a finding challenged by Beijing. The European Commission (EC), which conducted an investigation on behalf of the 28 EU members, found a number of Chinese …

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ago 07

Chinese bauxite spot prices rocket higher

Chinese bauxite prices have jumped again in June, continuing the uptrend since May as the Chinese government ramps up efforts to stamp out polluting operations. Chinese bauxite spot prices rocket higher in mid-June as the government targets remaining illegal calcining operations to further stamp out polluting facilities, which will slash yet more supply. Mining operations …

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jul 31

The China Steel Trap


Trade restrictions will hurt rather than help America’s rust-belt heartland. Nothing is more satisfying than a story with clearly defined goodies and baddies. Here’s one for the world’s steelmakers: Decades ago, China’s Communist overlords hatched a plan to destroy their trading partners. By building a bloated domestic steel industry, they could drive down global prices …

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jul 24

A series of Chinese inspections have found that 70% of firms violate air pollution regulations


To combat air pollution, China has been locating the culprits —firms pumping out emissions—around some of the most polluted cities in the country. According to China’s Ministry of Environment (MEP), which has been sending out thousands of environmental offiicers since April, more than 70% of inspected companies failed to meet environmental standards.     The …

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