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Sep 17

Low-grade magnesia prices fall while stocks rise

Chinese low-grade magnesia prices moved downward because of increasing stock levels amid thin buying activity among downstream refractory producers, while high-grade magnesia prices were unchanged on a lack of magnesite ore. All prices for low grades of China-origin caustic calcined magnesia (CCM), dead burned magnesia (DBM) and fused magnesia (FM), assessed by Industrial Minerals, moved …

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Sep 10

Lead times grow for alumina, silicon carbide amid tightness in supply

Users of silicon carbide, brown-fused alumina and calcined alumina are having to wait longer to get their consignments amid limited availability and firm prices. Market participants active in the distribution and consumption of refractory raw materials are reporting longer lead times for deliveries of minerals including silicon carbide, and fused and calcined alumina, which is …

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Sep 03

Refractory raw material supply “the single most important challenge”

India’s Tirupati Graphite Group has been a leader in flake graphite production for over two decades supplying refractory, foundry and speciality markets; pictured is the mine at Gaura in Palamau district, Jharkhand state, which has a production capacity of 50,000 tpa flake graphite. Tirupati is evaluating other deposits in the district, as well as developing …

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Ago 27

Refractories industry remains cool under pressure

The world’s refractories manufacturers are proving resilient, despite mounting pressures on the sector. How is this most traditional of industries adapting to unpredictable circumstances? The merger of Austria-headquartered RHI with Brazilian rival Magnesita helped it to secure about 70% of its dolomite and magnesite supply, even though RHI was forced to divest its long-held European …

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Ago 21

Persisting market tightness leads to higher andalusite prices in 2018

Contract prices for andalusite have edged up by about 10% from last year’s levels, with widespread consumer demand further compounding limited availability of material. The andalusite market is set to experience further tightness in 2018 with high consumer demand said to be exceeding available supply, driving contract prices for the year upwards. Limited availability is …

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