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Dic 11

Thermomechanical Modelling of a Steel Ladle Using Periodical Homogenisation for the Refractory Masonries

In the steelmaking industry and in many others that involve the processing of molten metal, the metallurgical vessels can be lined with refractory bricks, with or without mortar…

Dic 05

Curso Ingeniería de Refractarios Anfre

Del 20 al 24 de noviembre tuvo lugar en Bilbao la primera edición del Curso de Ingeniería de Refractarios Anfre, es el primer curso impartido íntegramente por asociados de ANFRE. Esta primera edición del curso ha contado con alumnos pertenecientes a empresas asociadas a Anfre, ya que desde Anfre queríamos que fueran ellos los primeros …

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Nov 28

Global Refractories: Facing the next production revolution

One of the largest markets for industrial minerals, refractories are essential for producing steel, glass, ceramics, cement and lime and for many other processes requiring high temperatures. But as Richard Flook* explains, despite their crucial role, manufacturers of these products are facing significant challenges from changing global trends. The refractories industry is estimated to currently …

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Nov 20

Magnesia prices continue to rise in China

Turbulence continues in the Chinese magnesia markets with prices of dead burned magnesia following fused magnesia upwards. Contacts in and outside of China have confirmed to IM that dead burned magnesia (DBM) prices have stated to rise in recent weeks following the trajectory first seen in fused magnesia (FM) due to supply constraints amid a …

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Nov 13

A rock and a hard place

Demand for refractory products is evolving, forcing suppliers to upgrade their offers and processes to stay ahead of the game, while Chinese-origin raw materials are appreciating on the back of supply shortages, making productions costlier, Davide Ghilotti, IM Chief Reporter, finds. The refractory industry has come to find itself between a rock and a hard …

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