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Ago 17

European Commission Publishes Draft Revised Guidelines on State Aid for Environment and Energy

On Tuesday 8 June, the European Commission has published a draft document revising the Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy (EEAG), which now with an expanded scope is brought in line with the European Green Deal and given a new name: Climate, Energy and Environmental State Aid Guidelines (CEEAG). The updated rules …

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Ago 09

USTR Adopts and Suspends Tariffs Against Digital Services Taxes

On June 2, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) adopted additional tariffs of 25% on certain products originating from Spain, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, Turkey, and India. However, the USTR also decided to suspend the entry into force of the tariffs for a period of 180 days (until 29 November) in order …

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Ago 02

Prórroga de las medidas de salvaguardia al acero

En la mayoría de competiciones deportivas, cuando dos equipos están igualados en un torneo y acaban el partido en las mismas condiciones, por lo general se establece un tiempo adicional para resolver el encuentro: la prórroga. Con las medidas de salvaguardia al acero ha sucedido algo similar. La Comisión Europea ha decidido finalmente ampliar por …

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Jul 26

European Parliament Votes to Freeze EU-China Negotiations on Investment Deal

  Members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly Thursday in support of freezing the legislative process for ratifying the EU’s investment pact with China, until Beijing lifts sanctions against EU lawmakers. The motion was passed by 599 MEPs, with 30 votes against and 58 abstentions, dealing a blow to the fate of the pact, officially known as …

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Jul 19

Essential Use Concept (EUC) in REACH Inception Impact Assessment

EUC was mentioned in the latest REACH Inception Impact Assessment, which includes the objective of “operationalising the concept of essential use in restrictions, including the criteria for granting derogations.” Upon this, several groups questioned the concept itself and the practical challenges associated with implementing its elements. Industry (via various alliances) demands more discussion, clarity, and …

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