Entradas de octubre de 2018

Oct 16

Turkey’s Magnesite for Production of Fused Magnesia, Properties and Uses in Refractory Applications

Magnesite (MgCO3) is natural source for production of caustic calcined, dead burned and fused magnesia. Turkey’s magnesite sources have a well-known reputation internationally with high purity, crystocrystalline structure and suitability for refractory applications.  

Oct 08

Rotary Kilns for Hazardous Waste Incineration: Refractory Wear Mechanism and Lifetime Prolongation

The rotary kiln in the most common system to incinerate hazardous waste. However, the many-sided kiln conditions make it difficult to find appropriate refractory materials, able to endure for long time.  

Oct 01

Refractories industry remains cool under pressure

The world’s refractories manufacturers are proving resilient, despite mounting pressures on the sector. How is this most traditional of industries adapting to unpredictable circumstances? The merger of Austria-headquartered RHI with Brazilian rival Magnesita helped it to secure about 70% of its dolomite and magnesite supply, even though RHI was forced to divest its long-held European …

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