Ago 26

Xinjiang back to operation, price stable in March

Mar. 28, 2019 – As weather is getting warmer in Xinjiang province, two main producers Xinrong Yilong Andalusite Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Baoan New Energy Mineral Co. Ltd there have started production in the middle of Mar. Due to environmental inspection and increased cost, producers attempted to raise price with RMB 100-200/t lately.

However, with the advert of government policy to lower 3% value-added tax for manufacturing industry since Apr. 1, together with shock from imported andalusite, the price is kept stable now.

Another producer in Meixian, Shannxi province newly adds product portfolio with 180 mesh and 200 mesh powder in addition to previous 0-0.5mm grain.

It is noteworthy that Xinrong Yilong Andalusite Co., Ltd. this year again starts offering andalusite 58% for buyers.

On price, purchasers requests price decline for lowered value-added tax. While suppliers deem cost increase can offset influence of tax policy. Thus, possibility of price rise is minor and market is likely to keep stable.

At time being, ex-works price including tax of andalusite 55% (Size: 0-0.5mm) in Shannxi province is RMB 2,750-2,850/t. Prices of andalusite 56%, 57% and 58% (Size: 0-1mm、1-3mm) in Xinjiang province are respectively RMB 3,400-3,450/t, RMB 3,700-3,750/t and RMB 3,900-3,950/t.

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