Entradas de junio de 2017

Jun 26

Refractory Products, the TC Refractories Perspective

During its meeting in spring 2016 in Völklingen/DE, VDEh Technical Committee (TC) Refractory Materials made 10 high ranking speakers from refractories industry address the most important product groups of refractory materials. Starting fron definition, composition and characterisation the focus was laid on the applications and latest refractory developments …

Jun 19

Supply shortage pushes Chinese bauxite prices higher again

Chinese bauxite spot prices increased again in May as the ongoing anti-pollution related production shutdowns caused severe shortages in the market. Refractory-grade bauxite spot prices jumped 18 May, as the ongoing massive production shut downs in China led trades to be concluded at higher values higher for the second time in May. The anti-pollution controls …

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Jun 12

China’s bauxite mining issues to hit brown fused alumina

Brown fused alumina (BFA) prices were unchanged over the fortnight, but market sources warned that new bauxite mining restrictions in China could impact BFA production in the near-term. BFA operations remained intermittent due to the ongoing environmental inspections. The new spate of environmental crackdowns on bauxite mining in China is set to reduce raw material …

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Jun 05

Massive production shutdown in China lifts bauxite prices

China-origin refractory-grade bauxite prices have increased for the second time this year as the government ramped up efforts to reduce pollution. Only a tiny minority of plants is still allowed to operate following the environmental inspections, and traders are struggling to find material to fulfil contracts. Near-complete shutdown of Chinese refractory-grade bauxite production has lifted …

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