Entradas de noviembre de 2016

Nov 28

Concepts, Approaches and Practices

Challenged by globally advocating environmental preservation and low carbon economy, it is imperative to develop «green refractories», as an important strategy in favor of present and future sustainable development of refractories industry, also contributive for refractory consuming industries to meet the challenge of green manufacturing. Concepts and countermeasure for implementing «green refractories» strategy are suggested, …

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Nov 21

At the edge of the desert

Exposed to the Sahara desert climate, a new cement plant has been taking shape some 40Km north of Biskra, Algeria. In the hot aird summer with temperatures reaching 49.4ºC and an annual rainfall of less than 100mm, the construction of the Algeria Spa CILAS cement works presented its own challenges, but a flexible approach by …

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Nov 14

Refractories Usage in the Developing Cement and Mineral Processing Industries in 2016

In any review of the development and use of refractories in a major process industry it may be useful to consider how and perhaps why the current technology has developed as it has done. Cement is an ancient and very basic commodity, which is today manufactured by modern processes and equipment sometimes by very new …

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Nov 07

52nd Annual St. Louis Refractories Symposium – Refractories for the Ferrous Industry – Past, Present, and Future

  The US Annual Refractories Meeting, was held at the customary venue, adjancent to the St. Louis, Missouri airport, on 30-31 March 2016. The weather was good and there were blossoms on the Spring trees – and there was no snow. The attendance was 208 this year, compared with 203 in 2015 and 210 (record) …

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