Entradas de septiembre de 2016

Sep 26

EU governments call on Brussels to tackle China over steel

  A group of governments including the UK and Germany have urged the EU to step up its fight against cheap steel from countries such as Russia and China, warning that the European industry is at “impending risk of collapse”. ‘The European Union cannot remain passive when rising job losses and steelwork closures show that …

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Sep 20

Technical ceramics – Perfecting the process

Demand for thecnical ceramics has remained relatively stable over the last few years, but increasingly detailed customer specifications for these materials mean thar manufacturers are having to become more flecible in their product designs. Kasia Patel, North American Editor, examines some of the new developments in manufacturing techniques. More information. Download .PDF

Sep 13

China’s role in the global steel downturn

What you need to know about the country’s industry.   With steel plants from Wales to Australia threatened with closure, China has been accused of destroying other nations’ steel profits by propping up its domestic industry. Below is what you need to know about the country’s steel sector. What is China’s role in the global …

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Sep 06

IREFCON 2016: China’s refractories exports flooding Indian market

China’s glut of refractory products and subsequent dumping in export markets is subduing India’s growth potential, with domestic players facing trading pressure as buyers opt for cheaper Chinese material. Despite the Indian steel industry registering strong growth in recent years, refractories suppliers continue to bear the brunt of low-cost imports of Chinese material, leading to …

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