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2 Bauxite reserves found in China

82 million tons of bauxite reserves were proved in China  2019-03-27

Mar. 27, 2019 – On February, 14th, the Department of Natural Resources of Shanxi Province announced that they have confirmed 82 million tons of bauxite reserve after hard work over the past years. Actually, the local government has checked 60 previous projects and distributed 357 million yuan as a way to develop 83 programs to exploit new reserves for various minerals. Consequently, a string of important resources were exploited, including 2,437 million tons of coal and 82 million tons of bauxite.

Henan found 240 million tons of super large bauxite 2019-03-15

Mar. 15, 2019 – This super-large bauxite mine is located on the southeast side of the Luoyang Basin and the north wing of the Songshan anticline. The metallogenic belt belongs to the Yanshi-Gongxian-Xingyang bauxite devision of Songshan-Jishan bauxite metallogenic area. The ore body is mainly bauxite, symbiotic refractory clay, allite, pyrite, siderite, and associated gallium, which can also be used for comprehensive utilization as super-large sedimentary deposits.

It is understood that a total of 273 holes have been drilled in the district, and the drilling workload exceeds 100,000 meters. There are 16 bauxite ore bodies in the exploration area. The estimated bauxite resources were 240 million tons, with an average thickness of 3.21 meters, and the scale of the deposit reached the scale of super-large deposits.

The census also discovered other mineral resources. It is estimated that the refractory clay mineral resources are 54 million tons with 21 symbiotic refractory clay ore bodies; the allite resources are 170 million tons with 39 allite ore bodies; the pyrite resources are 181 million tons with 8 pyrite ore bodies. According to industry experts, the scale of refractory clay, pyrite and allite resources have reached the scale of large deposits and have a high comprehensive utilization value.

Industry experts said that the project results provided resource security for the development of aluminum industry in Henan Province and provided solid resources for regional economic and social development.

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