Entradas de abril de 2016

Abr 25

Europe tries to protect steel jobs with tariffs on Chinese imports

Europe is stepping up its fight against cheap Chinese steel imports in an attempt to save thousands of jobs. The European Union announced Friday that it would impose new tariffs of up to 13% on Chinese imports. Chinese companies have been accused of selling unwanted steel in Europe for less than it costs to produce …

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Abr 18

Car sales in Western Europe see strong end to the year

2015 was a good year for volume in some European markets, but margins were generally slim for volume players   Car sales in Western Europe grew by 14.3% in December according to data released by LMC Automotive. The December selling rate came in at a whopping 14.3m units a year, the best result since the …

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Abr 18

Próximas ferias y exposiciones mundiales

Ceramics Expo: to be held in Cleveland, OH, USA, April 26 – 28, 2016: http://www.ceramicsexpousa.com/

Abr 12

Britain’s steel industry: What’s going wrong?

Over the past few months, one part of the UK economy – the steel industry – has been grabbing the news headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Tata Steel’s announcement of another 1,050 job losses at the firm is just the latest blow to the industry. The cuts come on top of the 1,200 …

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Abr 06

Bauxite: Bearing the brunt of shrinking refractories demand

Ructions in the global commodities markets have wrought havoc with demand for both metallurgical and non-metallurgical grades of bauxite. While the demise of the former, used for the production of alumina for aluminium metal, has been well documented, the slowdown in the refractory grade bauxite sector has been less obtrusive. IM’s Acting Editor, Laura Syrett, …

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