Entradas de junio de 2016

Jun 20

6th Freiberg Refractories Forum – Germany

The Freiberg Refractories Forum 2015 was organized on 8-9 December 2015 in Freiberg/DE by the Institute of Ceramics, Glass and Construction Materials (IKGB) at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in cooperation with the DFG (German Research Foundation) to present the result of the second research period of the DFG-project «Refractories Iniciative for the Reduction …

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Jun 16


Este mes de junio ha tenido lugar en Llanera, Oviedo, el Curso de Materiales Refractarios ofrecido por ANFRE e impartido por el ITMA. Este curso ha sido íntegramente para personal de las empresas asociadas de ANFRE. Se ha tratado de un curso en el que se ha combinado a la perfección las clases teóricas con …

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Jun 14

Coal Tar Pitch, high temperature (CTPht) in the Refractory industry – Intermediate under REACH Art. 3 (15)

Intermediate means a substance that is manufactured for and consumed in or used for chemical processing in order to be transformed into another substance […]. Intermediates are exempted from authorisation under REACH Art. 2(1c) and Art. 2(8b) 1 Background During the manufacture of slide gate assemblies, PRE member companies use “Coal Tar Pitch high temperature” …

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Jun 08

Ceramic minerals – Taking the floor – Industrial Minerals 03 2016

    Ceramic minerals – Taking the floor

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