Entradas de julio de 2017

Jul 31

The China Steel Trap

Trade restrictions will hurt rather than help America’s rust-belt heartland. Nothing is more satisfying than a story with clearly defined goodies and baddies. Here’s one for the world’s steelmakers: Decades ago, China’s Communist overlords hatched a plan to destroy their trading partners. By building a bloated domestic steel industry, they could drive down global prices …

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Jul 24

A series of Chinese inspections have found that 70% of firms violate air pollution regulations

To combat air pollution, China has been locating the culprits —firms pumping out emissions—around some of the most polluted cities in the country. According to China’s Ministry of Environment (MEP), which has been sending out thousands of environmental offiicers since April, more than 70% of inspected companies failed to meet environmental standards.     The …

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Jul 17

Refractories in the Foundry Industry

Founding is in metallurgical terms commonly meant to encompass the processes used in melting, purifying and casting metals and alloys including ferrous and non-ferrous products of all types and as such is still a very important market sector for both refractories suppliers and installers to satisfy.

Jul 10

El pasado día 27 de junio tuvo lugar en la sede de Anfre en Madrid la Junta Directiva y las reuniones de los Comités Técnicos y de Montadores

En esta ocasión y con motivo del próximo curso de montadores, que se llevará a cabo, si todo procede según lo previsto en noviembre, la reunión de los comités fue conjunta, para poder tomar decisiones claves al respecto. Carlos Briz y Roberto Caballero han tomado cargo de sus nuevos puestos, como Presidente y Vicepresidente de …

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Jul 04

Review of Refractories Markets & Research – 2016

Globally, the major markets for refractories are iron and steel (~70%) and cement (~10%). The annual production of steel and cement, by the World and China, since 2000, as a general indication of the market trend for refractories. For both steel and cement production worlwide, and in China, it is seen thar the upward trend …

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