Entradas de mayo de 2018

May 28


REUNIONES JUNIO OVIEDO HOTEL AYRE OVIEDO.   Martes 12 de Junio de 2018: 16.00 Reunión Comité Técnico (Solo asociados) 16.00 Reunión Comité Montadores (Solo asociados) 18.00 Coffee Break (Solo asociados) 18.30 Junta Directiva (Solo asociados) 21.00 Salida Hall Hotel para Cena apertura Congreso en el Real Club de Tenis Miércoles 13 de Junio de 2018: …

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May 14

Basic Instinct: Magnesia Supply to the Refractories Industry

If ever there was a time to acknowledge and try to understand the significant influence of Chinese policies on refractory mineral supply to western markets that time is now. The upshot is thar 2017 will be remembered as the «Year of the Perfect», or perhaps… «Imperfect Storm» – depending on whether one is a Western …

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May 07

A New Device for Measuring Hot Thermal Shock, Thermal Cycling and Other High Temperature Properties of Refractories

The exact knowledge of the material properties of refractories in the region of their, usual very high, application temperatures is the key to their successful application as well as to the development of new refractory materials. A particularly important question is the behaviour of a refractory against thermal shock and thermal cycling. While many techniques …

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May 01

Production cost spike could lift fused alumina prices

Rising raw material costs for the production of brown and white fused alumina in China are expected to push prices higher in the coming weeks, while intensifying anti-pollution control in Henan province will further compound supply constraints.

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