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A series of Chinese inspections have found that 70% of firms violate air pollution regulations

To combat air pollution, China has been locating the culprits —firms pumping out emissions—around some of the most polluted cities in the country. According to China’s Ministry of Environment (MEP), which has been sending out thousands of environmental offiicers since April, more than 70% of inspected companies failed to meet environmental standards.




The series of inspections is part of a year-long project in 28 cities inside one of the country’s largest regions—colloquially known as “Jing-Jin-Ji” (for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, which is sometimes referred to by the character ji). Companies such as metal, machine and recycled plastic manufacturers have been under scrutiny. According to four announcements, the latest on June 10 (link in Chinese), a total of 14,727 out of 20,775 companies were found to be producing more emissions than allowed, or operating without pollution-control equipment.
Companies found breaking the law are subjected to different levels of punishments—from a suspension of operations to removing manufacturing equipment or cutting off water and electricity supply, according to the MEP (link in Chinese).

Several cities inside the Jing-Jin-Ji region are known for their terrible air pollution, in particular China’s capital Beijing. The Beijing city government has been naming companies that violate environmental standards in recent years. Last year, in an earlier effort, inspectors found nearly 4,500 local companies violated environmental standards, according to state news agency Global Times.

Apart from industry emissions, Beijing often sees particularly heavy pollution in winter due to its heavy reliance on burning coal for heat. Not everyone is taking the inspections well. An inspector was reportedly locked and detained for an hour during visit to a boiler manufacturer in China’s eastern province Shandong on April, 16, according to Global Times.

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Refractories in the Foundry Industry

Founding is in metallurgical terms commonly meant to encompass the processes used in melting, purifying and casting metals and alloys including ferrous and non-ferrous products of all types and as such is still a very important market sector for both refractories suppliers and installers to satisfy.






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El pasado día 27 de junio tuvo lugar en la sede de Anfre en Madrid la Junta Directiva y las reuniones de los Comités Técnicos y de Montadores


En esta ocasión y con motivo del próximo curso de montadores, que se llevará a cabo, si todo procede según lo previsto en noviembre, la reunión de los comités fue conjunta, para poder tomar decisiones claves al respecto.

Carlos Briz y Roberto Caballero han tomado cargo de sus nuevos puestos, como Presidente y Vicepresidente de ANFRE respectivamente.

Queríamos agradecer a José María Domínguez, Presidente saliente, toda la dedicación que ha ofrecido a Anfre durante su mandato.

En la reunión de la Junta Directiva, como en ocasiones anteriores, se han tratado temas de suma importancia dentro del sector, tanto nuevos como temas anteriores que preocupan a los asociados.

Una vez finalizadas las reuniones hemos podido disfrutar de una comida en buena compañía ofrecida por Anfre.

Os esperamos a todos en Octubre!!!

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Review of Refractories Markets & Research – 2016

Globally, the major markets for refractories are iron and steel (~70%) and cement (~10%). The annual production of steel and cement, by the World and China, since 2000, as a general indication of the market trend for refractories. For both steel and cement production worlwide, and in China, it is seen thar the upward trend of many years has slowed/flattened over the las 2-3 years.


More information, download .PDF

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Refractory Products, the TC Refractories Perspective

During its meeting in spring 2016 in Völklingen/DE, VDEh Technical Committee (TC) Refractory Materials made 10 high ranking speakers from refractories industry address the most important product groups of refractory materials. Starting fron definition, composition and characterisation the focus was laid on the applications and latest refractory developments …







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