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European Parliament adopts its Motion for a Resolution on the Trade Policy Review

On 26 November 2020, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the incoming EU trade policy review for which the Commission is expected to adopt a new Strategic Communication by the first half of 2021.

The successful voting, witnessing 593 in favors and 50 against, marked the end of a speedy but intense political debate across several Parliamentary Committees under the leadership of the Committee for International Trade.

The Resolution calls for an EU Trade Strategy built around the concepts of “Open Strategic Autonomy” capable of filling some of the most urgent gaps evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, around a stronger, modernized and streamlined rules-based multilateral trade system with the WTO and climate action commitments at its center.

The MEPs took the occasion to touch upon issues of EU business-competitiveness protection about accessing global markets and against unfair predatory practices from trading partners through existing TDI tools and better trade rights enforcement mechanisms via the newly appointed Chief Trade Enforcement Officer.

For more details, check out Cerame-Unie press release. (FD)

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Member States reached the final agreement on vast parts of the legislative proposal on a European Climate Law

States and EU institutions, for which the Commission has officially unveiled its proposal to raise the threshold up to 55% against the European Parliament final proposal of 60%.

It indeed focused on consolidating (1) the outcomes of the progress made by the Commission expert groups, an essential step of the dialogue among Member States (started in March 2020) and (2) the basis for the Council future general approach.

Additionally, the partial agreements have excluded the original proposal to empower the European Commission to adopt a binding climate trajectory by means of delegated acts and proposed, alternatively, an intermediate 2040 climate-neutrality targets after the first global stocktake of the Paris Agreement, to take place in 2023.  However, a soft-trajectory is foreseen as a tool for the Commission to assess the progress on climate action at Union and Member States level.

The ending of the EU legislative process on the European Climate Law will also pass through a successful conclusion of the Member States’ debates concerning the Just Transition Fund and the measures needed to ensure cohesion and solidarity during the green transition for those European regions lagging on large-scale decarbonization trends.

On 11 December 2020, the European Council (EUCO) adopted its conclusions on climate change accepting and endorsing the climate neutrality targets for 2030 at 55%.

Inter-institutional negotiations among Commission, Council of the EU and Parliament begun on 11 November 2020.

The Council partial-general approach to the EU Climate Law can be found here. (FD)

Dic 28

Launch of new EU trade barrier complaint system for TBR and TSD violations

On 16 November 2020, the European Union was notified by DG TRADE of the launch of a new system for trade complaints concerning foreign government barriers to export markets and specifically on violations of Trade and Sustainable Development chapters (TSD), an ever-rising political priority of the EU bloc.

The complaint system will complement the New Single Entry point set up by the Chief Trade Enforcement Officer as part of the new internal structure covering TDIs and enforcement to simplify the collection and classifications of market access actions from the widest audience possible, which includes private and not-for-profit sectors, trade unions, individual citizens and civic organizations.

Interested operators will have to submit an electronic form via the new Union trade portal Access2Markets, with a simplified set of key information to be provided entailing a) factual description of the issue at stake b) list of any action taken to address, and c) a description of the alleged barrier’s potential economic impact. A different procedure is set up for the reporting of TSD Chapter violations.

Once the form is submitted, the Commission services will notify the applicants on whether the action will lead to enforcement, and (eventually) will detail out the content of the actions that will be initiated along with a possible timeline. Upon its activation and after a first successful examination, the new Trade Barriers Regulation portal will keep the applicant regularly updated on the specific actions being undertaken to address the issue. (FD)

Dic 22

EU Action Plan Towards a Zero Pollution ambition ongoing public consultation

The European Commission is intending to adopt, in 2021, a Zero Pollution Action Plan consistent with the EU Green Deal objectives of ensuring a safe environment for Europeans with minimal air, water, soil and consumer products pollution. In that line of action, a public consultation on the EU Action Plan towards a Zero Pollution Ambition for Air, Water and Soil is currently taking place, with the purpose of gathering the views of citizens and stakeholders on the
proposed action, with the respective deadline for reply on 10 February. Cerame-Unie intends to provide a common answer to this consultation and, hence, a meeting will take place early 2021 with volunteer members to consolidate its reply.

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