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Mar 12

Fused alumina prices rise on Q4 supply concerns

Brown fused and white fused alumina prices have increased, offsetting yuan-related depreciation, while the price of refractory grade bauxite 88% ticked up on continued production issues in Shanxi. Fused alumina and bauxite markets appreciated at the start of September due to continued supply problems within China, which have prompted concerns for supply in the fourth …

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Mar 04

China’s domestic magnesia prices up on reduced supply but export prices unchanged

Sector consolidation and environmental restrictions are propelling Chinese magnesia prices higher but lackluster foreign markets are keeping export prices steady for now. Reduced supply of magnesia from the Dashiqiao area of China and continued consolidation in the sector in Haicheng propelled domestic prices higher but export prices held steady for now because of subdued overseas …

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Feb 18

India’s infrastructure investment means heady times for refractories sector

The Indian refractory industry is heading into an exciting period. It is heavily dependent on the domestic steel sector, and government plans for greatly expanded capacity for production of steel and cement in the next few years is expected to propel the refractory sector to new highs, Industrial Minerals correspondent Sunder Singh reports. India’s refractory …

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Feb 11

XVI International Conference of Refractories Manufacturers and Metallurgists in Russia

On 19-20 April 2018, an international conference of refractories and metallurgists was held at the National Research Technological University MISIS – Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys/RU. As usual, preliminary informatin has been published in the form of summaries in the magazine New Refractories about a number of achievements of developers and manufacturers of refractories …

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Feb 04

Demanding supply

Pollution regulations and their enforcement in China, coupled with the maturity of the steel and refractory industries, are causing a third major disturbance to the global magnesia market. China has long been a major force in the global magnesia market. The entry of low-priced magnesia exports from China almost 30 years ago disrupted supply market …

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