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January 2022 Winter Workshop Grant - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Productos Refractarios, Materiales y Servicios Afines



Sep 20

January 2022 Winter Workshop Grant

In the framework of the ECerS International Ceramist Student Exchange Program ECerS presents the
January 2022 Winter Workshop Grant

The purpose of this grant awarded by ECerS with the financial support of the JECS Trust is to help European students to participate in the Winter Workshop organized by The American Ceramic Society from 21st to
23rd January 2022 at Hilton Daytona Beach – Oceanfront Resort Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida (USA).

The ACerS Winter Workshop is designed for ceramic and glass students and young professionals from around the
world. The workshop provides a combination of technical and professional development sessions, outstanding
networking opportunities, and concludes with a tour of the Kennedy Space Center.
Registration to the Winter Workshop includes 5 nights at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort (shared
housing), Kennedy Space Center Tour, and all activities of ICACC (through January 28)!

The International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC) 2022 conference will take
place from 23rd to 28th January also at Daytona Beach, Florida (USA). This international conference is focused on
cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armor ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells,
ceramic coatings, bioceramics, and more.

A Grant of 1.200 € will be awarded to the 15 selected students. 50% of the support will be paid to the students before
the travel and the remaining 50% will be paid after receipt of the proof of attendance given by The American Ceramic

The candidate to benefit from this support must be registered as a PhD student in a European Laboratory located in
a member national ceramic society and should be personally a member of the society (priority – if the student is not
a member, his/her supervisor must be a member). He/she will submit an application including a brief description of
the thesis work and the reasons why he or she wishes to participate in the Winter Workshop
(i.e. relationship with the thesis work). Up to 15 grants could be awarded. In the case where too many candidatures
are received compared with the allowed budget, the ECerS selection committee will give priority to students whose
theses are most closely related to the topics of the Winter Workshop. Both PhD students and post-docs are eligible
but a priority will be given to PhD.

The PhD student/Post-Doc will make a commitment to submit at least 1 paper on his/her present subject to Open
Ceramics, the open access journal of ECerS.
List of requested documents

  • Copy of student card and proof of registration as member of the national ceramic society
  • Application forms:
    • Description of thesis work (1 page),
    • Justification of the attendance to the Winter Workshop (1/2 page).

All these documents have to be sent by email to the ECerS secretariat ( by 30th September 2021

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