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European Commission Publishes Draft Revised Guidelines on State Aid for Environment and Energy - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Productos Refractarios, Materiales y Servicios Afines



Ago 17

European Commission Publishes Draft Revised Guidelines on State Aid for Environment and Energy

On Tuesday 8 June, the European Commission has published a draft document revising the Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy (EEAG), which now with an expanded scope is brought in line with the European Green Deal and given a new name: Climate, Energy and Environmental State Aid Guidelines (CEEAG).

The updated rules in the draft foresee that reductions from electricity levies can be granted to energy-intensive users if:

  • An undertaking belongs to a sector with trade intensity of at least 20% and an electro-intensity of at least 10% at EU level; or
  • if an undertaking belongs to a sector with an electro-intensity of at lest 7% and a trade intensity of 80% or higher.

For the ceramic industry sectors, this means that refractories (2320), ceramic tiles and flags (2331), and ceramic insulators and insulating fittings (2343) would continue to be eligible for state aid, while the bricks and rooftile as well as the sanitaryware sectors would no longer be included.

Next steps: Alongside the publication of the draft revision, the Commission has launched a targeted public consultation which is open until 2 August. Cerame-Unie will contribute to this consultation and will work together with members to launch a concerted advocacy campaign both on the EU and Member State levels to fight for a continued inclusion of all relevant sub-sectors.

The Draft CEEAG Guidelines can be found here. Annex 1 of the draft Guidelines which contains the list of eligible sectors is available here. (DB)

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