Abr 29

Mineralogy and Thermodynamics in Refractories

This paper summarises the main content of a presentation given at the 53 Annual Symposium on Refractories sponsored by The St. Louis Section and Refractory Ceramics Division of the American Ceramic Society when receiving the T.J. Planje St. Louis Refractories Award in 2017.

Mineralogical approaches including the work with phase diagrams can be very useful tools for the assessment of hot temperature properties and reactions occurring during wear of refractories. It does not require sophisticated computer programs to work with the diagram but only a ruler and a calculator. The paper describes the benefit of phase diagram work in the assessment of high alumina refractories by selected examples from high alumina castables for steel applications. The invedstigation of wear mechanism from Andalusite based catable as tundish permanent lining is another example provided.


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