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Launch of new EU trade barrier complaint system for TBR and TSD violations

On 16 November 2020, the European Union was notified by DG TRADE of the launch of a new system for trade complaints concerning foreign government barriers to export markets and specifically on violations of Trade and Sustainable Development chapters (TSD), an ever-rising political priority of the EU bloc.

The complaint system will complement the New Single Entry point set up by the Chief Trade Enforcement Officer as part of the new internal structure covering TDIs and enforcement to simplify the collection and classifications of market access actions from the widest audience possible, which includes private and not-for-profit sectors, trade unions, individual citizens and civic organizations.

Interested operators will have to submit an electronic form via the new Union trade portal Access2Markets, with a simplified set of key information to be provided entailing a) factual description of the issue at stake b) list of any action taken to address, and c) a description of the alleged barrier’s potential economic impact. A different procedure is set up for the reporting of TSD Chapter violations.

Once the form is submitted, the Commission services will notify the applicants on whether the action will lead to enforcement, and (eventually) will detail out the content of the actions that will be initiated along with a possible timeline. Upon its activation and after a first successful examination, the new Trade Barriers Regulation portal will keep the applicant regularly updated on the specific actions being undertaken to address the issue. (FD)

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