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Ceramic Days 2014

Ceramic Days 2014

Ceramic Days 2014

Ceramic Days 2014 find strong EU manufacturing sector key to growth and jobs

The 2014 Ceramic Days were organised by Cerame-Unie this week in Brussels. Over 150 participants attended sectoral meetings, the Cerame-Unie General Assembly and public events on 3 and 4 December. On 3 December MEP Paul Rübig and MEP Elisabetta Gardini co-hosted the 15th European Parliament Ceramics Forum (EPCF) in the EP, followed by a cocktail reception with a keynote speech by Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director General of DG Enterprise and Industry. On 4 December a conference on research & innovation in ceramics explored how the industry benefits from EU funding. The meetings demonstrated that the ceramics industry, a manufacturing and SME-driven sector, plays a key role in delivering much needed growth and jobs for the EU.

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